trips from San Francisco,Shopping in San Francisco

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Mar 15, 2018
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Shopping in San Francisco with your family or friends this weekend,or just take the trips from San Francisco,to enjoy panoramic views of the city and watch out for the parrots that congregate nearby is a good choose.Some tips share with you as below:

Shopping Streets

San Francisco is packed with great shopping opportunities.The Westfield Center on Market and Powell provides a classic mall experience,with up-market fashion stores and chains aplenty.But Union Square is the city’s window shopping capital.There,you can wander past stores featuring big brands like Levi’s,Cartier,and Armani or buy discount shoes at DSW.For an entirely different retail experience,try the Ferry Building Market–a gourmet food lover’s paradise.As far as costs go,it depends what you buy.A pair of jeans costs around$58 and a good bottle of wine costs$15-20.Budget around$80 per person for a meal in a mid-range restaurant.

trips from San Francisco,Shopping in San Francisco

Groceries and Other

In recent years San Francisco has acquired a reputation for high living costs.But the costs aren’t so bad if you aren’t planning to rent an apartment.Grocery prices are around 23%higher than the national average.If you shop at supermarkets like Safeway or Trader Joe’s you can still live cheaply in the city.However,for more lavish vacation budgets,boutique grocery stores like Haight Street Market are not to be missed.

Where to Eat in San Francisco?

Great food is everywhere in San Francisco.In the center of town,vegetarians can feast on Persian delights at Flytrap(606 Folsom St).Asian cooking is well represented in Chinatown and the Tenderloin.Head to Anzu for top-quality sushi(Hotel Nikko San Francisco,222 Mason St)and enjoy unpretentious but delicious Chinese meals at Hunan Home's(622 Jackson St).Nob Hill is home to the city’s best Italian restaurants,with Acquerello being the pick of the bunch(1722 Sacramento St).Head to Castro or Mission-Bernal for some of America’s best Mexican dishes.La Taqueria(2889 Mission St)is probably the best there is.Seafood lovers have plenty of good options in Fisherman’s Wharf and the Embarcadero district,but the best place in town is Farallon in nearby Chinatown(450 Post St).Whatever cuisine you choose,expect a good meal to set you back around$80 per head.