Trip to the Yellowstone National Park by driving

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Apr 1, 2017
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Here's my own driving experience about the trip to the Yellowstone National Park.Every time I plan a new route by self-driving,I must study information on various forums and community firstly.How the line is walking?What's the new games?...and I benefit a lot from it.I sort out my 5 years in the United States by self-driving experience and the scientific and rational route recently,and plan to share with friends who likes travel and self-driving,also want to help the travelers less to take some detours during their trip to the United States by self-driving.

Let me introduce myself firstly.I am Simon,a professional tour leader of the 70 Miles International Road Trips.My job is to take the team to run around the world,mainly in the United States.In the past five years,I have led nearly 40 states across the United States.Mileage mileage of about 200,000 km.My life is travel.

Yellowstone National Park by driving

I have three prerequisites when designing a car route:

On the route planning,everyone may have their own ideas.There are three prerequisites must be considered in my design of a route by driving.

1st,Time Management.Because the majority of the holidays or round-trip air ticket time is limited.How to take the most reasonable and play well in the effective time is an important thing;

2nd,Do not fatigue driving,do not drive a long time at night to ensure safety;

3rd,Avoid Turning Back.

14-day driving trip to the Yellowstone National Park

yellowstone national park map

Day 01 Domestic-Salt Lake City Short drive

Sights:Mormon Square,Chapel,Temple and Utah State Capitol.

Day 02 Salt Lake City-West Yellowstone

520 km,6 hours drive

Yellowstone:Norris scenic

Day 03 West Yellowstone

Yellowstone on the word 8:Mammoth hot springs,tower waterfall,Yellowstone Grand Canyon,Yellowstone River

Day 04 West Yellowstone-Grand Teton National Park-Jackson Township

Yellowstone under the word 8:mud bubble hot springs,large prism color spring,the old faithful,the West thumb,Grand Teton

Day 05 Jackson-Salt Lake City

420 km,5 hours drive

Return to Salt Lake City via the Great Salt Lake

Day 06 Salt Lake City-Bryce National Park

430 km,5 hours drive

Bryce National Park:the United States Shilin+North America's darkest stars,star perfect location.When the sunny can see the 7,500 stars.

Yellowstone National Park Tour

Day 07 Bryce National Park-Antelope Valley

250 km,3 hours drive

Colorado River Great Bend Horseshoe Bay,Lake Powell Sunset

Day 08 Antelope Valley-Grand Canyon South Gorge-Williams

310 km,4 hours drive

Antelope Valley,Grand Canyon South Gorge

Day 09 Williams-Las Vegas

350 km,4 hours drive

Route 66 Arizona(the longest and best section)

Day 10 Las Vegas

Visit the major casinos,shopping mall,firearms,evening show.


Yellowstone National Park Trip

Day 11 Las Vegas-Los Angeles

440 km,4 hours drive

Beverly Hills or Santa Monica Beach and the business district

Day 12 Los Angeles

Universal Studios,Avenue of Stars

Day 13 Los Angeles-Domestic

fly to Domestic

Day 14 Home