trip to Niagara Falls,Gallery&Museum for kids in Niagara Falls

  1. By kevin
  2. On Jul 10, 2018
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Arrange your trip to Niagara Falls in this Summer,our tips about gallery&museum for kids in Niagara Falls may help you schedule your holiday there.


This gallery interprets the War of 1812 with a primary focus on the Battle of Lundy's Lane and houses one of Canada's best 1812 collections.This space is designed with audio-visual ambiance of war and hands-on activities such trying on a military coatee,handling a musket and feeling the weight of a cannon ball.The collection includes uniforms,weaponry,equipment,relics,buttons and archival records relating specifically to the Battle of Lundy's Lane and to the War of 1812.

trip to Niagara Falls,Gallery&Museum for kids in Niagara Falls


The community gallery provides visitors with the opportunity to learn more about various aspects of Niagara Falls as a community.The people,the culture,geology,social life,industry and dare devils who attempted to conquer the falls are among the highlighted topics in this gallery.We have a geology interactive which at the touch of buttons illuminates rocks extracted from different parts of the falls.A bridge building interactive allows visitors the opportunity to build bridges across the falls.And for the brave at heart,we have a‘tight-rope walk'going across the falls.


Our temporary gallery houses travelling exhibitions from other museums on a short-term basis,providing us with the opportunity of hosting 3 to 4 different exhibits every year.Our visitors are exposed to exhibits which otherwise may not have been easily accessible,and our regular or repeat visitors have something new to see on each visit.Past exhibitions in this gallery include:“Electricity”from the Ben Franklin Institute,Philadelphia,USA;“Art-of-Fact”from the Niagara Artists Centre,St.Catharines,Ontario;the award winning"Motels:Honeymoon Suite or By-the-Week,Motel Culture in Niagara";“Fakes and Forgeries”from the Royal Ontario Museum,Toronto,Ontario and“Ordinary Lives,Extraordinary Times:Italian Canadian Experiences During World War II”from Columbus Centre,Toronto,Ontario.