A trip to Arizona would not be complete without seeing the magical Antelope Canyon. After my first trip to Arizona, read on to see what I learned about this beautiful landscape and what you need to know when you visit Antelope Canyon. Follow us to begin your trip to Antelope Canyon, and some basic things & tips you should to know before your trip as blow.

Antelope Canyon

When Should I Visit?

As far as which time of year is best, off-season is always better. You’ll find that off-season is not as hot, there are less scorpions and snakes, and of course there are less tourists which allow you to take better photographs. The regular tourist season is from mid-May through September.

For the best photographs and seeing the beams of light throughout the canyon, 10 am- 12 pm is usually best time slot for your tour. Prior to our arrival, there was information that even 10 am – 2 pm worked, however we missed many beams of light during our 11:50 am tour, so I think the earlier the better.

Remember to book in advance!

Many tourists know that 10 am is prime time so you will find many tours sold out very early for this time slot.

Where Should I Stay in Antelope Canyon?

When it comes to lodging in and around Antelope Canyon, your options are slightly limited. As I state later, arriving at Antelope Canyon on the earlier side is best for photos so it might be best to spend the previous night to assure your timely arrival.

Here are the best places to stay in Antelope Canyon:
Lake Powell Motel Red Rock Motel
Clarion Inn
La Quinta Inn & Suites
Comfort Inn & Suites
Hampton Inn & Suites