Travel in Brussels with Kids,Things to do in Brussels

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 20, 2017
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Travel advice about things to do in Brussels with kids.Brussels works just that little bit harder to enchant you.Medieval architecture blends with funky painted murals,and a statue of a little boy urinating is the mascot of this city.The people here get the humor in life,which makes it an excellent place to travel with kids.

Things to do in Brussels

Museum of Musical Instruments

Over 1,500 instruments from around the globe and a variety of time periods are found at MIm,which is how the locals refer to it.There are interactive exhibits and a headset tour where you hear the instrument playing on your headphone as you see the instrument.

Magritte Museum

There are lots of fine art museums in Brussels,but not many children will willingly spend their vacations viewing art.If your kids do enjoy exploring art,Belgian surrealist Magritte’s works are here,and his wacky use of everyday objects may be amusing to some non-art loving kids as well.Kids under 18 are free,so give it a try.

Things to do in Brussels

Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate

Though touristy,this exhibit is fun for families.There is a short video on the history of chocolate,live chocolate making demos and yummy samples.It is located just off the Grand Place.


Autoworld is an extensive collection of historic cars.Kids will gain insight into the development of cars,plus its quirky collection of motorized tricycles from the 19th century and Model T Ford are fun.It is housed inside of Cinquentenaire Park,one of the largest public parks in town and a good place to romp.

Museum of Natural Sciences

This museum houses a large collection of all things science and nature and caters to families.It is the home to Europe's largest dinosaur gallery,so dino-crazed kids should be in T-rex heaven.