Travel in around France France for Kids

  1. By John
  2. On Nov 11, 2018
  3. Europe
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The focus in France is on living life to the fullest and enjoying things of beauty…architecture, fashion, art and some of the world's best cuisine. With our tips to travel in & around France with kids. 

Strasbourg – A Blend of French and German Cultures

Located just across from Germany along the Rhine River, Strasbourg is a picture-perfect, very walkable French city with a German accent. While in Strasbourg, be sure to do a walking tour of La Petite France. Arguably the cutest neighborhood in Europe, you won’t want to put the camera down. 

Located in the Grande Île is the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg, the second-tallest cathedral tower in France and the sixth tallest church in the world. It is undoubtedly Strasbourg's finest architectural highlight and a must see when visiting the city. 

Strasbourg is also filled with great restaurants and brasseries. Be sure to try some local favorites like a tarte flambée, an Alsatian take on pizza. It’s best to wander the streets and find a place with an outdoor patio where the kids can play in the courtyard. Every morning, try a different bakery in the square for some of the best cafe au lait served with a kugelhopf, an Alsatian brioche cooked in the shape of a crown.

Les Arcs – Snowy Mountain Adventures

The French Alps make a beautiful destination for families to ski together and have fun, with breathtaking mountains everywhere, including the majestic Mont Blanc. My family loved our time at Les Arcs ski resort in Bourg-Saint-Mourice, Savoie. In addition to skiing, families can toboggan down the slopes on a run for children ages 4 and upwards. Take a swim in the pool at Mille 8 in Arc 1800's Aquaffun, a water park featuring waterslides, fun fountains for kids and amazing views of the skiers and mountains beyond. Then warm up in mountainside restaurants with traditional cheese fondue. End your day by gathering around bonfires for toasting marshmallows.