Travel guide to Algonquin Park

  1. By kevin
  2. On Jul 31, 2018
  3. North America
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Enjoy Algonquin Park in Canada during this Summer Break is a good choose for family with kids,and we'd like to share the travel guide to Algonquin Park with you as below.

Best things to do&activities:

Leaf Peepers"in Canyon Tour

During the itinerary of Sault Ste.Marie–Agawa Canyon–Sault Ste.Marie,we will take the Agawa Canyon Tour Train to enjoy the beautiful maple scenery.

For decades the Canyon Tour has been a favorite way for fall"leaf peepers"to experience some of the most spectacular fall color in North America.View ancient landscapes and the breathtaking fall foliage through the large windows of our refurbished coaches.


Gravenhurst is a town in the Muskoka Region of Ontario,Canada.It is located approximately 15 kilometres(9.3 mi)south of Bracebridge,Ontario.The mayor is Paisley Donaldson.The Town of Gravenhurst includes a large area of the District of Muskoka,known to Ontarians as"cottage country."

The town centre borders on two lakes:

Lake Muskoka,which is the largest lake in the region,and Gull Lake,a smaller cottage-bordered lake.Another lake,Kahshe Lake,is situated 10 kilometres(6.2 mi)south of the town.

With this tour,we will embark on the Segwun Steamship to cruise the Muskoka Lakes.Built in 1887,Segwun steamship is the oldest operating steam driven vessel in North America.As we cruise on the Muskoka Lakes,we will pass by Millionaire's Row,a stretch of shoreline famous for grand summer homes.