Travel From Los Angeles to Yellowstone National Park By Driving

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Apr 27, 2017
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Is it a bad idea that take a travel from Los Angeles to Yellowstone National Park by driving? One of our customer ever have this question. It's the first time she visiting Yellowstone from Los Angeles and still so confused by the options no matter how many books she have read regarding the park! Then she book the tour on and got the guide from us.

She have booked 7 nights in the park from Old Faithful to Canyon to Lake Yellowstone, and I have been planning all sorts of events in the park, like the Firehole Bus Tour, the Roosevelt Cookout, etc, and I'm pretty confidant that my time in the park is well-planned ... We are driving from Los Angeles to Yellowstone and plan on driving for two days, ending up in Cody to spend a couple days there before entering the park. And She's planning on spending a night in SLC and then heading straight through to Cody and arriving the second night, but it seems like a lot of driving for two days!

Los Angeles to Yellowstone National Park

Some good advices as:

Years ago we did your trip in reverse. Doing the parks then heading to SLC, and to the west coast. We stopped in SLC, again in Vegas area and then to LA. It is a very long days drive just from SLC to Vegas. From Cody to SLC you are talking about a minimum of 10 hours driving also.

However, like many first time visitors to Yellowstone, you appear to be suffering from "planner's information overload." It's a fun condition at first, but it can become stressful and even ruin your trip if you let it.

The best advice I can offer you is to try NOT to micro-plan your time in Yellowstone. With 7 nights in the park, you will have plenty of time to experience everything without scheduling yourself to strictly. Reserve lodging and the activities that you mentioned as required, but since you are allowing yourself plenty of time, the preferred way to enjoy the Yellowstone experience is to be spontaneous, and take it as it comes, one day at a time.

Have you driven I-15 north of LA at all? If you have you know that after Cajon Pass you are in the Mojave desert. It is barren, hot, and all up hill to Vegas.

Los Angeles to Yellowstone National Park

We have driven to LA and back from SLC non-stop on more than one occasion but it is about 11 hrs and I prefer a stop around LV when we do it.

From LV north you will go through the Virgin River Gorge. Beautiful, short and definitely a canyon road, meaning winding and uphill.

Another steep climb north of St George to Cedar City and then mostly an easy drive to SLC.

I'm not sure how you plan to get to Cody. From SLC the most direct route is through Yellowstone. Anything else is a very long detour. Last Sept we drove in one day from SLC via West Yellowstone through the park and out to Cody. With only minimal stops through the park we arrived in Cody after sunset. I don't know how to describe the drive north of SLC. It is neither flat nor difficult.

SO you feeling like "it seems like a lot of driving for two days" is absolutely correct. Sometimes you just have to buckle down and do it. At least you have enough time in Yellowstone to recuperate.