Travel Experiences And Tips In France

  1. By John
  2. On Oct 25, 2018
  3. Europe
  4. Travel Tips

Widely regarded as the cultural capital of the world, France boasts a fantastic array of food, scenery, and history to fill a trip across the largest country in Western Europe. We talk about the travel experiences and tips in France here.

Rough Budget

As in every country, you can travel around for as cheap or as expensive as you want. Based on our experience though, traveling around France is expensive. You can travel France for as low as $46-90 a day with accommodations and transport usually being your largest expense. Food is also not the cheapest, however, so self-catering is properly the budget option. But don’t forget to splurge and treat yourself once in a while as the food there is to die for! Here is a rough cost of basic commodities:


Budget: ü15-40 ($17-47) Dorms / ü60-90 ($70-100) Budget Hotels

Mid-Range: ü90-190 ($100-220)

Splurge: ü200+ ($235+)

Food (Typical Meal For One 

Lunch Menus: <ü20 ($25)

Restaurants: ü20-40 ($25-50)

Top restaurants: ü70+ ($80+)


Local Transit: ü1-3 per trip ($2-4)

Trains (long distance): ü25-200 ($30-235) depends on whether you book in advance

Buses (long distance): ü15-30 ($18-35)

Taxis: ü15+ ($18+) for short distances