Travel Around Toronto,Some Places You Cannot Miss In Toronto Travel Plan

  1. By Kevin
  2. On May 2, 2017
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Just turn back from a memorable Toronto travel with my family,and I'd like to share my experience there with you and give you some travel advice about it,which about travel around Toronto,and tell you some important places you can't miss in Toronto travel plan.

Toronto,the capital of Ontario and the country's largest city,is home to a dynamic mix of tourist attractions,from museums and galleries to the world famous CN Tower and,just off shore,Toronto Islands.The city also offers a vibrant Entertainment District,featuring the latest musicals and other performing arts,and the historic Distillery District.The city center is still relatively easy to navigate,with many of the top attractions within walking distance of each other and a subway system to cover longer distances.

Toronto Travel

CN Tower

Located at 351 meters is the revolving 360 Restaurant,featuring fine dining and some of the best views from a table anywhere in the Toronto.360 is open for lunch and dinner,and visitors who dine here also receive complimentary access to the Lookout and Glass Floor levels of the tower.

Horizons Restaurant,on the Lookout Level,offers a more casual dining experience and is open throughout the day from lunch until dinner.

Toronto's famous landmark,the 553-meter CN Tower,is one of the city's must see attractions and also the most impossible to miss.Towering above the downtown,the structure can be seen from almost everywhere in the city.Visitors have the option of simply appreciating the building from the ground,or taking a trip up to one of the observation areas or restaurants for fabulous views of the city and Lake Ontario.The CN Tower,built between 1972 and 1976,was once the tallest freestanding structure in the world,but has long since been surpassed.

Toronto Travel

The highest viewing area on the CN Tower is from the Sky Pod at 447 meters above the city with views that,on clear days,extend to Niagara Falls and New York State.To get here requires taking two elevators.Below this,at the top of the main elevator is the LookOut at 346 meters where the Horizons Restaurant is located.One floor below this is the Glass Floor and the Outdoor Sky Terrace.As the name suggests,the Glass Floor offers a bird's eye view directly down over the city as visitors stand on a glass floor.

For those looking for a little more adventure,or perhaps a lot more adventure,there is the"Edge Walk."This involves a hands-free walk on a 1.5-meter wide ledge around the outside edge of the main pod,at an elevation of 365 meters.Participants are attached to a safety harness and rope.