Transportation to Milan,Enjoy a Day in Milan

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  2. On Oct 26, 2017
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Milan is central to many interesting smaller cities and towns as well as to the lakes of Northern Italy and makes a good base for visiting them by train.Here are the best places to go from Milan,transportation to Milan.Enjoy a day in Milan!

Transportation to Milan

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Milan has 2 airports.Malpensa,to the northwest,is a big international airport.The Malpensa Express train connects the airport to the stations of Centrale and Cadorna,near the historic center.The smaller Linate airport to the east serves flights from Europe and within Italy and is connected to the city by bus service.

The main train station,Milano Centrale at Piazza Duca d'Aosta,links to major cities in Italy and western Europe.Domestic and international bus lines arrive in Piazza Castello.

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Public Transportation in Milan:

Milan has very good public transportation,including buses,trams,and an extensive metro system.

Transportation to Milan

Hotels and Food in Milan:

If you want to stay near La Scala,the duomo,and shopping district,check these top rated historic center hotels.One of the most luxurious hotels is the Four Seasons Hotel Milano,right in the fashion shopping district or if you really want to go high class,there's the 7-star Milan Galleria,a luxury hotel with only 7 suites,each with its own butler.

Two famous traditional Milanese dishes are risotto alla milanese(a rice dish made with saffron)and cotoletta alla milanese(breaded veal).Milan has many fashionable restaurants serving modern Italian cuisine as well.Milanese bars often serve snacks with your before-dinner drink(apertivo)in the evening.