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  1. By Kevin
  2. On Jan 16, 2018
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Planning your Yosemite trips in this winter?Tours to Yosemite National Park guides for you here.The Yosemite Valley Floor Loop is a customizable tour that is great for families with younger children and/or families looking for an easier hike but can be customized to be more strenuous if desired.

Options for the Yosemite Valley Custom Adventure may include:

Hike to the base of 2425’tall Yosemite Falls which,under certain weather conditions,features an enormous snow cone at the base.If lucky,clients may also get to watch as snow lightly drops hundreds of feet from the cliffs settling in a pile at the bottom.

Frazil Ice is another amazing phenomenon that only occurs this time of year.If the conditions are just right,some of the rivers in Yosemite Valley fill with icy,undulating slush.

A variety of museums offer terrific and informative history lessons about Yosemite National Park including the Ansel Adams Gallery,the Art Center and the Yosemite Village Indian Museum.

Hike to the top of Vernal and/or Nevada Fall via the John Muir Trail.Great View!

“Oh My Gosh Point”on the way up the Yosemite Falls Trail for an amazing view of Yosemite Valley.

The famous 5-star Majestic Hotel is always a site to see in the winter as well!

We try to make the most out of the day,so please let us know what you would like to see and experience,and we will try to fit all of your recommendations into one jam-packed day of excitement!Guides carry first aid kits,water purification methods,toilet paper(for emergencies),suntan lotion and bug repellent.Please plan to bring your own lunch,snacks,water bottles,etc.Remember,profits from our guided trips go towards supporting our youth summer camp program.

Note:While the valley floor is generally clear of snow in the winter,if there is a considerable amount of snow,LA will provide snowshoe gear and instruction.Should weather,fire,and/or delayed seasonal openings affect the chosen itinerary,a different itinerary will be offered.You will be kept in contact throughout this process.That being said,some of Yosemite most unique winter phenomena occur in less than ideal weather conditions!