tours to Yellowstone,visit the Hot Springs&Pools In and Near Yellowstone

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  2. On Jan 29, 2018
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Take part in our tours to Yellowstone,visit the Hot Springs&Pools In and Near Yellowstone.When you’re tired from a long day of sightseeing,unwind with a dip in one of the region’s many hot springs and pools.

tours to Yellowstone

We hope you brought your swimsuit,because when you’re tired from a long day of sightseeing,or when the kids have too much energy,one of the best ways to unwind is with a dip in one of the region’s many hot springs and pools.

Yellowstone's Boiling River Swimming Area

Open from autumn through winter,the Boiling River is in northern Yellowstone between Mammoth Hot Springs and the North Entrance.Go during the day.The Boiling River is closed once dark hits.The hotspot is closed during the springtime when the river rises and becomes dangerous.It often doesn’t open again until late-summer.

Yellowstone's Firehole River Swimming Area

this swimming area doesn't really count as a"hot swim."But,we thought some people might be confused by the name so we included it on our list.The temperature is similar to that of an unheated swimming pool.The beach is closed during winter and the high water in the Spring.

tours to Yellowstone

Montana Hot Springs

In Montana,head to Fairmont Hot Springs Resort for a day of swimming and sliding.Fairmont has two Olympic-size hot springs pools—one indoors and one outdoors—plus a 350-foot,five-story enclosed waterslide.It’s an exhilarating ride into Fairmont’s outdoor pool,and you’re guaranteed to make a splash.The 160°F,naturally heated water is cooled to temperatures ranging from 88°F to 104°F.

Wyoming Hot Springs

As you travel through Wyoming,don’t miss the opportunity to swim in the World’s Largest Mineral Hot Springs,located in Thermopolis,Wyoming.Greek for“hot city”,Thermopolis derives its name from the hot water that comes from Big Spring.The turquoise and green,mineral-laden spring issues forth 3.6 million gallons of water every day.

The water from this spring contains at least 27 different minerals,making it,some say,very healthy to drink.Hot Springs State Park,at the edge of town,is home to three pools,each offering different services.Don’t miss the 104°F therapeutic pool at the free State Bath House.