Budget your European travel by our guide, or find the right tours to Stonehenge from London on the site. How to Create the Perfect Itinerary in Europe for a long holiday? The quest to live abroad may seem like a pipe dream, but it’s actually quite doable with a bit of planning and a good sense of direction.

Check Public Transit Maps

On a trip to Seattle a few years ago, a quick web search on public transit produced two very worthwhile pieces of information: 1) the public monorail system was not working, and 2) the downtown bus system was free for the entire length of downtown. Not surprisingly for Seattle, it rained all weekend, and those buses proved very useful in making short trips of a few blocks, for which you would not want to drive, but neither did you want to slog through in the rain. (Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, Seattle’s downtown buses are no longer free.)

A bit of research online before you leave will also allow you to check fares, print transit maps and plan your itinerary.

Check the Local Entertainment Listings

Most cities and even medium-sized towns have some kind of weekly entertainment rag such as Time Out, which covers dozens of destinations around the globe.

These are excellent sources for entertainment listings, reviews, city “best-of” lists and more. It is best to check these from home, as you can then purchase advance tickets where necessary, make restaurant reservations, etc. Another good source is the local tourist board; its website will often have an events calendar where you can check out what’s going on during your trip.

Bonus tip: This one applies to airlines and hotels, so I won’t count it against the 10 tips: The most important thing you can program into your cell phone is the phone number of your airline; the second-most important is the direct phone number of your hotel.