tours to Niagara from NYC,Day Trips from NYC

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  2. On Mar 13, 2018
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Day trips from NYC in this summer,tours to Niagara from NYC with great deals on the website now.Few places in the world blend the majesty of nature with such a warm welcome for tourists,so make Niagara Falls your next vacation destination.

tours to Niagara from NYC

Where to stay in popular areas of Niagara Falls?

Shopping Streets

Because the city attracts so many international visitors,Niagara Falls has plenty of shopping malls,offering a choice of boutiques and discount outlets.The biggest of them all is Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls.Located near the airport,this mall is the place to go for big names like Gap,Ralph Lauren,and Sak's Fifth Avenue-all at discount prices.Other major shopping centers include Pine Plaza and Niagara Consumer Square.

Groceries and Other

Buying groceries in the center of Niagara isn't a problem.You'll find branches of Tops and Save-a-lot scattered around town,while there's a Walmart Supercenter next to the Fashion Outlets Mall.Grocery prices in the city are reasonable.Expect to pay$2.50 for 12 eggs and$1.75 for a pound of apples.

tours to Niagara from NYC

Where to Eat in Niagara Falls?

Choosing where to dine out in Niagara Falls isn't simple,with hundreds of restaurants vying for your attention.Some of the finest high-end eateries include Fortuna's on 19th Street,which serves Italian dishes like gnocchi and ravioli,El Cubilete,a Mexican place on Niagara Falls Blvd,and Top of the Falls on Goat Island.For cheaper eats,Kohinoor Indian Restaurant offers a wide range of spicy dishes,Polish Nook serves up Eastern European cuisine,while Mighty Taco is the town's number one street food outlet.Expect to pay around$15 for a good sit down meal and anything above$30 per head at the most expensive restaurants.

How to Get Around Niagara Falls?

Public Transportation

Niagara Falls Transit runs a local bus network that might be useful for tourists(although the center of town is small enough to be covered by foot).Regular fares are quite expensive at$2.75,but day passes for$7 can be economical.


Taxis in Niagara Falls(NY)charge a base fare of$2.75,plus$3 for every subsequent mile.


If you plan to stay in the city of Niagara Falls,renting a car isn't necessary.However,if you intend to visit nearby cities like Buffalo,Rochester,or Toronto,it makes sense to have your own vehicle.Parking shouldn't be a problem near the tourist sights.Just look for State Parking Lots that are dotted along the river(a day pass costs$25).