tours to Antelope Canyon, places to stay near Antelope Canyon

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We'd like to share the tips about places to stay near Antelope Canyon for you, and choose the right tours to Antelope Canyon on website with deals now. It’s saying a lot that in the blessedly beautiful swath of northeastern Arizona, Antelope Canyon is arguably the favorite destination of both professional and amateur photographers.

Places to stay near Antelope Canyon:

We did a photography tour (more listed below) so we were required to the canyon in an enclosed SUV. For Lower Antelope, you simply appear at the parking area and then a guide takes you down into the canyon. Based on evaluations, it appears the guides utilize their discretion regarding whether they’ll accompany you down there or not.

In general, I believe the two primary determining factors are movement and desire to shoot the light beams. However feel in one’s bones, you truly can’t lose any way you go and remember you can always schedule a trip for both. When it comes to my recommendation, I say do both. However, if you can’t do both then I’m on Group Upper Antelope (a minimum of for your first time out there).

tours to Antelope Canyon

Pouring Sand

Another remarkable sight is the pouring sand result. This occurs when the guide tosses a lot of the sand onto the canyon walls or likewise when the sand is blown from above the canyon. When I checked out, a strong wind blew lots of sand from the top so we had sufficient pouring sand to walk around.

When I state tons, I mean it seemed like I was caught in the bottom half of a huge hourglass. Our guide said that’s something that typically does not happen but simply be prepared for it since it will get everywhere.


Antelope Canyon is found on Navajo Land

Both Upper Canyon and Lower Canyon can only be visited by means of guided tours (self directed trips in Lower Canyon were possible years ago).

Upper Antelope Canyon trips stem from Page Arizona.

Lower Antelope has a car park and can be reached by own vehicle.

Lower Antelope Canyon is more physically requiring.

No toilets, food or water readily available straight at the canyon.

Where to Stay: The La Quinta Inn & Suites in Page is among the very best hotels there. It’s quite brand-new, clean, cool and well kept. The staff is also extremely friendly, from reception to kitchen area.