tours of Antelope Canyon, Antelope Canyon in Winter

  1. By Dannie
  2. On Sep 2, 2018
  3. North America
  4. Travel Tips

Antelope Canyon in December: Winter weather can’t take shine off this breathtaking sight. To take the tours of Antelope Canyon in Winter, Antelope Canyon had always been on my travel bucket list. I remember how mesmerized I was when I had first seen pictures of light beams touching the floor of the Antelope Canyon. It had been on my wish list ever since.  Light beams peek into the canyon between March and October.

Recommendations about the Antelope Canyon trip:

* Please note that you cannot take your own vehicle to the canyon entrance. Navajo Parks and Recreation department mandates all visitors must be transported by licensed tour operators.

* Tour guides are mandatory in both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon. That is, you are not allowed to visit Antelope Canyon by your own.

* If you’re visiting Antelope Canyon in the month of December, make sure you pack warm clothes. Don’t forget gloves and head band/hat to cover your ears.

* You don’t need any special shoes, just the comfortable one. Be advised that sand will get into your shoes.
The canyon is 1/8th of a mile one-way, and therefore, there will be a little walking involved.

* The tour of Antelope Canyon is NOT handicapped accessible because of bumpy ‘off-road’ and rocky and sandy terrain.

* There are no restrooms, food or water available at the canyon. Therefore, don’t forget to use the bathroom and grab some water before you take off for your tour.

* Light beams peek into the canyon from March to October. If you’re visiting canyon in winter, you won’t see the light beams but it’s still magnificent and worth a visit.

* If you’re visiting Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ, I’d highly recommend visiting Horseshoe Bend on the outskirts of Page. It’s simply breathtaking and………completely free.