Yellowstone has something to offer every month of the year.Summer is our busiest season:more than half our annual visitation occurs during June,July,and August.For a less busy experience,check out spring(April/May)and fall(September/October).Find the right tours in Yellowstone National Park on the site with deals nowdays.

tours in Yellowstone National Park,Seasonal Highlights about Yellowstone National Park

Seasonal Highlights about Yellowstone National Park:

Be sure to read the current conditions before you head our way since some roads and facilities maybe be closed or affected by weather which can look and feel like winter any month of the year).

A winter visit will fill your days with snowy landscapes,steaming geyser basins,and fewer people.However,access to the interior of the park(e.g.Old Faithful,Canyon)is restricted to oversnow travel and many facilities are closed,so it's important to plan a winter trip well in advance.

Here’s a quick rundown of monthly highlights in Yellowstone(and where best to see them):




Access:winter travel restrictions for all areas except Mammoth to northeast entrance.

Suggested Activities:skiing/snowshoeing,snowmobiling,guided snowcoach tours,overnight at Old Faithful,wildlife watching

Highlights:grizzly bears emerge from dens,neotropical migrants begin to arrive(bluebirds,meadowlarks,osprey,robins),wolves(Lamar Valley)

Significant Dates:March 1-Yellowstone’s birthday.Various dates-Interior roads close for spring plowing.


Visitation:low to moderate


Access:roads begin opening to regular vehicles(mid-month)

Suggested Activities:hiking(lower elevations),skiing/snowshoeing(higher elevations),wildlife watching

Highlights:bison calving(Lamar Valley),black bears emerge from dens(Lamar Valley),bull elk antlers in velvet(Northern Range),chorus frogs(wetlands throughout the park),grizzly bears(roadside meadows),marmots(Northern Range),more birds arrive(ruby-crowned kinglets,Wilson’s snipe),Uinta ground squirrels,wildflowers(buttercups,shooting stars,pasqueflower)