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As Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra famously sing in the classic movie"On the Town",New York is a"helluva town."Take the guide by website,or join our tours from New York to Boston,to find your perfect travel guide,You're going to love New York.

When to Visit New York?

New York is a world-class destination any time of the year.At Christmas,you can tour the famous store windows,enjoy ice-skating,see the lights in Times Square and take the kids to see Santa at Macy's.Spring is the time to see Central Park in bloom,the St Patrick’s Day Parade,and the Macy's Flower Show.Summer brings crowds from across the world,and it’s the best time to enjoy the city’s outdoor attractions like the Bronx Zoo,Liberty Island cruises and Brighton Beach.Then there’s fall,when the crowds get thinner but the city hosts events like New York Fashion Week and Broadway’s new theater season kicks into gear.So whenever you visit,you’ll find something to do.

tours from New York to Boston

How to Get Around New York?

Public Transportation

New York is a massive place,but getting around by public transportation is quite straightforward.For starters,get hold of a 7-day or 30-day unlimited ride MetroCard,which costs$31 and$116 respectively.As subway rides cost$2.75 per journey,this should save you money.Your card can be used with any buses or subways,and should be the first thing you buy when you arrive.


Yellow taxis are a sight most tourist want to see in New York,so everyone should find time to hail at least one ride.However,you probably won’t want to make every journey by cab.The base charge is$2.50,then$0.50 for every fifth of a mile,while a$0.50 surcharge applies between 8:00 p.m.and 6:00 a.m.Uber is an alternative,but it isn’t much cheaper in New York.The basic charge is$2.55,then$1.75 per mile after that.


Renting a car or driving your own is a great option if you intend to venture further afield than central New York,but it’s not recommended for navigating the city.If you need to have a vehicle of your own,be aware that parking in New York is more expensive than any other US city,with an average daily charge of$41 in Manhattan.