tours from new york to boston

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  2. On Feb 2, 2018
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Planning your tours from New York to Boston now?You can book it on the website,with some discount price at present.And the best bus tour share with you as below.

New York–Philadelphia–Washington D.C.,What can you explore

Independence National Historical Park(approx.45mins)

This National Historical Park in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania serves as a way of preserving important Revolutionary War sites for future generations.Called"America's most historic square mile",this 55-acre historic park hosts the Congress Hall and Independence Hall,a UNESCO World Heritage Site,and origin of the"Declaration of Independence"and"Constitution".

tours from new york to boston

National Air and Space Museum(approx.40 mins)

One of the Smithsonian Institute's museums in Washington,DC,the National Air and Space Museum chronicles the history of flight.From the Wright Brother to Buzz Aldrin,the exhibits at this museum explore all of humanity's air travels.

US Capitol and White House(outside view)

US Capitol(outside view;approx.15 mins)-The United States Capitol,often called the Capitol Building or Capitol Hill,is the home of the United States Congress,and the seat of the legislative branch of the U.S.federal government.It sits atop Capitol Hill at the eastern end of the National Mall in Washington,D.C.

Corning Museum of Glass(approx.60 mins)

It is a unique museum in western New York State where you will get to know the history and the science behind glassmaking.This tour will also include live demonstrations by expert glassblowers and ancient artifacts.

Niagara Falls

From there we will continue to Niagara Falls and see an optional IMAX Movie.You will also have a chance to embark the Maid of the Mist.(**When Maid of the Mist closed in winter,you can choose to join the optional JetBoat tour.)