tours from Los Angeles, Sightseeing in Los Angeles

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  2. On Mar 13, 2018
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Sightseeing in Los Angeles, you can take part in the tours from Los Angeles by the website. It doesn’t matter whether you are there to shop, catch a glimpse of your favorite actor or perfect your tan, Los Angeles is a year-round destination like no other.

tours from Los Angeles, Sightseeing in Los Angeles

How to Get Around Los Angeles?

Public Transportation

Getting around Los Angeles by public transit is possible, but not as easy as it could be. Buses have pretty good coverage, but may only serve particular stops every 30 minutes or so, while the Metro doesn’t cover the whole of the inner city. If you do plan to get around by public transportation, get hold of a Metro Pass ($7 for a day, $25 for a week) or a TAP Card that can be recharged (only applies to rail and subway connections). However, Metro passes won’t apply for DASH or FlyAway airport buses, so you will need to buy separate tickets to use those services.


Taxis are an excellent way to get around Los Angeles. Expect to pay $2.85 for the meter drop, then $2.70 for every additional mile, as well as $0.30 for every 37 seconds of delays. There’s also a $4 surcharge for all trips that involve the airport. For a cheaper option, you can give Uber a try. Their cheapest cars have no base fare and only charge $0.15 per minute after that, so they can be a good way to save money.

tours from Los Angeles, Sightseeing in Los Angeles


Renting a car is even better than taking taxis for most visitors to LA. You can rent vehicles from major rental companies like Avis, Enterprise, and Budget at LAX and LA’s other airports and the cost can be as little as $20 per day. Gas costs around $3 per gallon in Los Angeles, so factor this into your budget as well.

If you do choose to drive, remember that seat belts are mandatory under California law, right turns on red lights are allowed unless signs indicate the contrary, but pedestrians have right of way at all intersections. Parking in central LA costs around $7 per hour, but it’s cheaper near out of town Metro stations, which may be a better place to leave your vehicle.