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  2. On Apr 17, 2018
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Antelope Canyon travel guide by, with tours for Antelope Canyon with great deals. Famous for its beautiful natures and with lots of amzing pictures by travelers, Antelope Canyon attracts more and more people rush to visit. To take the very best pictures, bring your tripod, a DSLR cam and book a photography trip.

If you’re a sophisticated photographer or a newbie, they are comfy to assist at any level. Again, the time of day is necessary so book your 10 am tour as soon as you make your travel plans!

What Should I Anticipate Of This Trip?

Depending upon the trip you book, anticipate a very hot and crowded experience.

Sadly, this location is exceptionally popular and I handled to take a trip here the weekend after Memorial Day (rookie error in real awkward tourist fashion).

Antelope Canyon Travel guide

With the crowds, the heat and the proximity within the canyons, it’s totally normal,nay-EXPECTED, to begin to feel claustrophobic.

About midway through our hour-long trip, I began to have a panic attack that had me almost mow-down the tourists in front of me to GTFO.

But our guide was well prepared with candy, ice packs and water. And while I didn’t need any of his handy-dandy tools, simply knowing he was prepared made my anxiety vanish!

I likewise wish I had brought a hat from the intense sun.

Nevertheless, we were prepared with sunscreen and water, an absolute MUST when visiting this part of Arizona. (Okay, ALL ARIZONA needs sunscreen and water.).