Tourist Attractions In Frankfurt You Must See

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  2. On Sep 20, 2017
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Located along the Main in Germany,Frankfurt is a bustling city that boasts a rich history,vibrant nightlife,and a medieval feeling people of all ages will enjoy.Because of the city's ideal location,Expedia recommends staying in downtown Frankfurt,if you plan on participating in Frankfurt excursions to cities in surrounding areas.Tourist attractions in Frankfurt you must see.

Tourist Attractions In Frankfurt

To get started on your historical journey through Frankfurt,begin by visiting one of the most popular places in the city,the Frankfurt Romans.Used as the city's main hub for official government business since 1405,the Frankfurt Romans offers a unique look at medieval architecture.The current building,like so many other historical sites in the city,has been beautifully preserved throughout the centuries.

Frankfurt City Card

by Tourismus and Congress Frankfurt am Main.A must-have while in Frankfurt,the City Card gives you freedom to explore the city at your leisure for 1 or 2 days.Plus,public transport including to and from the airport.

Germany's cosmopolitan financial center,with its landmark skyscrapers,is an exciting destination to explore.Plan and discover at your own pace—join a guided city tour,enjoy a cruise on the river Main,visit museums and tourist attractions,or eat out in one of the many restaurants.

Hop-On Hop-Off Pass

Explore Frankfurt on a red double-decker bus that gives you panoramic views of the city.Unlimited rides let you hop on and off at your leisure to visit all the attractions on your sightseeing list—or just sit back and ride the complete loop for an overview tour of this enchanting German city.

Tourist Attractions In Frankfurt

With the freedom to move at your own pace,you can stroll through the charming streets of the old town or the glamorous business district with its skyscrapers,and stop at the city's renowned attractions,tourist areas,and inviting neighborhoods.

Listen to anecdotes about Frankfurt's past,present,and future,plus get insider tips about where to shop,dine,or dance the night away.

One of the most popular Frankfurt tours among both tourists and local citizens alike is The Main tour.This tour takes you down the river past a number of must see gorgeous medieval castles,historical spots and beautiful scenic landmarks.A variety of companies offer both full day and half day river tours.

Among the many attractions in Frankfurt the whole family can enjoy,the Main Tower is a must visit.Being the tallest building in Frankfurt,the Main Tower offers a complete view of the entire city.Expedia recommends a visit to the tower after you've eaten dinner,as the best time to view the entire city is when the lights are on.

Continue your history tour with one of the top tourist spots in Germany,the Cathedral of St.Bartholomew.For over three hundred years,this well-preserved cathedral has been the focal point of many coronations for Roman Catholic emperors since it was built centuries ago.

Because there are so many things to do in Frankfurt,the Big Ebbel is a great focal point to start your day from.Be sure to have a map with you at all times as you will not want to miss all of the great Frankfurt activities and city tours available.