Tourist Attractions Don't Miss in Berlin

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 16, 2017
  3. Europe
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We talk about the tourist attractions don't miss in Berlin in this page.Berlin,a city that staged a revolution,was headquartered by Nazis,bombed to bits,divided in two and finally reunited–and that was just in the 20th century!


The Nikolai Quarter

Berlin's Nikolai Quarter(Nikolaiviertel)is considered the heart of the old city,and is where you'll find many of its oldest and most popular attractions,including St.Nicholas'Church(Nikolaikirche),a number of museums,and a fun history trail.Recent redevelopment has seen this pedestrian friendly quarter become home to many small buildings set along narrow streets full of nooks and crannies and home to restaurants,cafés,shops,and craft workshops selling everything from basketry to wooden crafts.Highlights include the district's many old fountains,lanterns,and lattice-windows on the older houses,and historic buildings such as Ephraim Palace,built in the 1760s and housing exhibits relating to Berlin's rich artistic and cultural history(be sure to visit its exquisite grand staircase).Also of note is Knoblauch House,built in 1760 and representative of the former homes of the city's wealthy Jewish merchants and tradesmen.