If you're planning your first trip to Yellowstone National Park, you probably have some questions. Good news: we've got the answers! To help make your Yellowstone adventure planning easier, we've collected the most frequently asked questions received by our reservation agents. Or you can take the tour to Yellowstone from San Francisco as a easy way to there. Where to stay, what to do, how to book: here's what people are asking about visiting Yellowstone.



Booking a Yellowstone Visit


What is your availability in summer? When is the best time to book?


Make your reservation early! Reservations open on May 1 the prior year for summer (Summer 2019 Reservations will open May 1, 2018), and March 15 the prior year for winter (Winter 2018-2019 reservations are now open). To ensure you're able to reserve your preferred dates and location, it's best to call when reservations open, since popular lodges are often fully booked up to a year in advance.


If you're not a planner, don't fret ¨C if you're flexible with your dates and locations you might be able to find something last minute. In addition, cancellations do happen, so check back online frequently and maybe you'll get lucky!


Things to Do in Yellowstone


What are the top hikes in Yellowstone?


Yellowstone is criss-crossed with hiking trails to suit all athletic abilities. Whether you're looking for a short, easy jaunt or more exhilarating terrain and longer excursions, you'll want to pack your hiking boots when you visit Yellowstone! To discover the best hiking trails in the park, sign up for the Trails Through Yellowstone package, which includes four days of hiking and wildlife viewing. You'll cover up to eight miles per day and climb up to 1,500 feet on dirt trails, so this package is great for hikers with some experience.