tour to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas,trail trip in Grand Canyon North Rim

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  2. On Jul 18, 2018
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Trail trip in Grand Canyon North Rim as below,to book the tour to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas on the website.With its breathtaking views,stunning sunsets and rich cultural history,Grand Canyon National Park must be seen to be appreciated.

Transept Trail

The Transept Trailhead is located at the campground at the North Rim and winds down along the rim to the Lodge.At the Lodge,many hikers continue on the Bright Angel Point Trail.From the campground to the Lodge,it is an easy trail of 3miles round trip.

tour to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas,trail trip in Grand Canyon North Rim

Ken Patrick Trail

This trail is considered moderate but it is very long for most day hikers since it is 10 miles one-way.Most hikers take this one way with a pre-arranged ride for return.The trailhead starts at the North Kaibab Trail parking area to Point Imperial with multiply fantastic viewpoints along the way.A detour trail off of the Ken Patrick Trail is the Uncle Jim trail that leads to the Uncle Jim Point.

North Kaibab Trail

This strenuous trail is the only North Rim trail that descends into the Canyon and should be considered very carefully since the trail is shared by the mule rides and there is no water source.The North Kaibab Trail begins at the Roaring Springs Canyon on the main road just before the North Rim Visitor Center.The trail stops at the Coconino Overlook with steep switchbacks to Supai Tunnel.This is a good place to return for a casual hike.Continuing on to Roaring Springs,more experience hikers normally turn around here and return.Overnight permits are required if hikers continue to the floor of the Canyon.

Widforss Trail

If you are looking for a longer hike but easy trail,the Widforss trail is perfect.It is 10 miles roundtrip on a wide maintained trail.The trailhead starts at Point Sublime Access Road and follows along the forest and rim above the Transept gorge.The end of the trail has gorgeous views of the Canyon.