tour to Banff from Vancouver,The Essential Guide

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Mar 1, 2018
  3. North America
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The essential guide by,tour to Banff from Vancouver,bring you into the Banff National Park in winter.When the autumn turns to winter and the temperatures drop below freezing,a unique transformation occurs in the canyons–they turn into detailed,Narnia-like ice valleys that create the best icewalks in Banff.Canyons around the Canadian Rockies have been sculpted over thousands of years with the wind,water...

tour to Banff from Vancouver

Banff’s Best Winter Activities for Families

There is no better way to peel kids away from technology than to place them in adventure at a young age–Banff National Park is perhaps the best place to introduce young explorers to what awaits past a screen.The best family activities in Banff are often the most immersive and rewarding,and you’ll find them with us.They go at a slower pace and allow time for questions and curiosity.

Sleigh Rides(All Ages)

Warm,cozy,and snuggly under thick blankets.Sleigh rides are the perfect way to see Banff’s mountainous landscape while getting a local cowboy’s take on living and riding in the area year-round.

Gliding through the grasslands near the Bow River,our guests enjoy panoramic views of Banff’s most famous mountains before stopping off for hot chocolate and marshmallow roasting over the open fire.These 45-minute tours are a great first activity to try in Banff to familiarize yourself with the mountains and our climate.Perfect for all ages,and kids 3 and under are free!