Book tour to Antelope Canyon from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, to witness Upper Antelope Canyon light beams. Travel to upper or lower Antelope Canyon, Canyon X Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell, and so on.

Antelope Canyon light beams

The light beams in Antelope Canyon are, to me, what makes this place is so unforgettable. They only occur at certain times of the day and only last for a short while but when they shine through the openings up top it’s truly a sight to see.

I highly recommend planning your visit so that you can witness the magnificent light beams. Call the tour guides to see when the best time to come to see the beams is since that time will differ depending on the time of year. Usually the time will be between 10am-12pm.

If you can’t get there to see the beams, don’t worry, this place is still one of the most mystifying destinations you’ll ever visit.

The guides in Upper Antelope will take care of throwing sand into the beams to make sure that the light sticks out, just try to time your shots to make sure you capture the beam when the sand is mid-air.

And please, as much fun as we all have throwing sand up in the air, just let the guides handle the sand throwing and work their magic.

There was at least one visitor who threw up a handful of sand only for it to shower upon an entire group of photographers in front of me. Suffice it to say, he instantly became the least popular person in the canyon.