tour packages from Los Angeles,Things To Do in Los Angeles

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  2. On Mar 13, 2018
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Fashion lovers flock to LA for its boutiques.Choose your right tour packages from Los Angeles in this season,hit the stores on Robertson Boulevard,and discover the latest designs by Chanel,Kitson,or Tommy Hilfiger,or head to malls like the Beverly Center.Information about things to do in Los Angeles and travel tips shared with you as below:

tour packages from Los Angeles,Things To Do in Los Angeles

What to do in Los Angeles?

Hollywood:The One and Only

Hollywood is hard to miss,what with its name plastered famously across the hillside,and missed it should be not.Hollywood Boulevard is one of the most well-known streets in the world,home to the Walk of Fame.Huge Hollywood theaters host high profile movie premieres along this stretch,and the history of movie making is referenced at every turn.Keep your eyes peeled for celebrity sightings!

Universal Studios Hollywood:Movie-making Madness

The greatest behind-the-scenes-look-at-Hollywood is found at Universal Studios,a theme park dedicated to movie-making magic.Besides boasting awesome thrill rides and over the top parades,the park offers views into the actual back-lots where sets are built.The Studio Tour puts visitors right in the middle of recreated movie sets from famous films like King Kong and Jaws.

tour packages from Los Angeles,Things To Do in Los Angeles

Getty Center:The Gem of SoCal

Overlooking LA is the world renowned Getty Center,a beautiful complex for art,research and conservation.The buildings and gardens themselves are a sight to behold,with elegant architecture,water elements and landscaping.Inside the museum,there is even more to see-most notably"The Royal End"by Paul Gauguin and"Irises"by Vincent Van Gogh.

Griffith Park:Views of Famous Hollywood

One of the largest urban parks in America,Griffith Park is home to the LA Zoo and the Griffith Observatory.With epic views of the Hollywood sign from atop the hill of the same name,this observatory has welcomed millions of visitors over the years.Also offering scientific exhibitions and unique planetarium shows,a stop in Griffith Park is both varied and fun.

Beverly Hills:The 90210

Beverly Hills is a neighborhood whose reputation precedes itself.Rodeo Drive is its famous thoroughfare,known for upscale shopping and celebrity sightings.The nearby Beverly Gardens Park offers gorgeous rose gardens and recreation.For dedicated fans,the more residential streets of Beverly Hills are host to self-guided celebrity residence tours.