tour from San Francisco,Plan Your Trip‎to San Francisco

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  2. On Mar 15, 2018
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Plan your trip‎to San Francisco in this Spring,you're going to love San Francisco.With our tour from San Francisco,hop on and hop off at any of our stops located throughout the city.Everyone loves San Francisco.For one thing,it's super easy to get around.City center districts like North Beach or the Tenderloin are walkable and full of character.

tour from San Francisco

Where to stay in popular areas of San Francisco?


Haight was famous as the epicenter of the 1960s hippy movement,and it’s still a bohemian enclave in the heart of the city.It's the place to stay if you plan to check out San Fran’s live music scene,tour the homes of long-dead legendary musicians,or stock up on vintage records.

Union Square

Union Square is the civilized heart of San Francisco.It’s the place to be for theaters,art galleries,and chain store shopping,plus it’s handy for arrivals and departures thanks to the Caltrain station and nearby bus stops.It’s heaven for skyscraper fans,hosts many of the best museums,and is home to plenty of great restaurants too.A good base for upscale family vacations.

San Francisco

How to Get to San Francisco by Bus?

A number of different bus services run into San Francisco,including:

Greyhound:The main stop is at 200 Folsom St with services to most California cities.

Bolt Bus:Stops at the Greyhound Terminal on Folsom Street and connects San Francisco to LA.

California Shuttle Bus:Stops at Hilton Hotel,333 O'Farrell St and runs to LA.

Megabus:Stops at the Caltrain station on 4th Street and provides an express to LA.

BART,Golden Gate Transit,SamTrans and AC Transit also provide connections to destinations in the Bay Area.