tour from Boston to Washington DC,Trip Ideas from Boston to Washington DC

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  2. On Mar 21, 2018
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Plan your depth trip in Washington DC,to book a tour from Boston to Washington DC on the website with discount price,and you can even enjoy a magical tour around the White House-a once in a lifetime experience.Trip ideas from Boston to Washington DC by as below:

Trip Ideas to Visit Washington D.C.:

A Chance to Visit the Nation's Political Heart

Washington one of the most important cities on the planet for one single reason:it's the seat of the U.S.Federal Government.If you want to see how politics is done,tours of the White House or Capitol Hill are a must.

Take a Tour Through American History

Since its founding in 1801,Washington D.C.has seen a lot of history-from the savagery of the Civil War to the Great Depression and the Civil Rights era.You can get a great sense of how America has developed by touring attractions like the Lincoln Memorial,Ford's Theater and the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial.If history is your passion,a visit to Washington D.C.will be utterly fascinating.

World Class Museums

Modern Washington isn't just a political center.It's also a major hub for arts and culture,mainly due to the vast Smithsonian Institution.You could spend days touring its 19 museums,which include the superb National Air and Space Museum,but don't neglect other institutions,like the quirky and fun Spy Museum or the Newseum,dedicated to the business of newspapers.

Food and Drink from all over the World

One of the benefits of hosting visitors from all over the world has been that Washington has developed a wonderfully cosmopolitan food culture.Dine at high-class Ethiopian restaurants like Dukem,try the Brazilian dishes at Texas de Brazil,enjoy authentic curries at Rasika or go for down-home country cooking at Southern Efficiency.Whatever you want,you'll find it in D.C.