tour for Niagara Falls,Museums in Niagara Falls which suit for kids

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  2. On Jul 3, 2018
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Whether you’re planning a family getaway,birthday party or dining out,these value-added packages will get you into Niagara’s top attractions and restaurants at a great price!Join us with our tour for Niagara Falls,to enjoy the museums in Niagara Falls which suit for kids.


If you are a fan of the bizarre and unbelievable,then Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum in Niagara Fall is sure to amaze you.

Founder,Robert Ripley was an avid artist,a great athlete and a flamboyant character that travelled the world collecting artefacts and writing stories about his weird and unusual findings.

At Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum you’ll find over 500 mind-boggling displays of rare and amusing oddities.Here you’ll see some of the most incredible customs,unusual hobbies,and weirdest artefacts from around the world.

Some family favourites include real human shrunken heads;stories of daredevils who have challenged the Fallsand the dozens of interactive displays that let you feel,touch and experience the strange and bizarre.

Located at the top of Clifton Hill,Ripley’s is one of Niagara’s most popular attractions that your entire family will enjoy.

tour for Niagara Falls,Museums in Niagara Falls which suit for kids


A walk through Movieland is a like a walk through entertainment history.Snap a selfie next to your favourite stars!You'll see everything from classics like"Indiana Jones"and the"Terminator",to current hits like"The Hunger Games"and"Pirates of the Caribbean".

At Movieland Wax Museum you see top movie,television and music celebrities up close and personal.

Take your picture with Hollywood sensations like Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow,Robert Downey Tony Stark,Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones and Tom Hanks as Forest Gump,as well as Justin Bieber,Hannah Montana,Harry Potter,The Terminator,Marilyn Monroe,The Dark Night,Mr.T,Austin Powers,Freddy Krueger and Lara Croft to name a few.Music and recording stars include Elvis Presley,Taylor Swift,Hannah Montana,Shania Twain,Madonna,Cher,Michael Jackson,Bette Midler,Barbra Streisand and more.

For those brave enough,you can visit the optional“House of Horrors”at the end of your Museum tour,it’s one of the most hair-raising horror chambers you’ll ever experience...if you dare!Have a seat on a surprise waiting for you for an"electrifying experience!"

As you exit Movieland you will enter our Fun Factory gift shop which features the Wax Hands Emporium.Here you can make a replica of your own hand made in colourful wax.They make terrific,one-of-a-kind souvenirs!