Toronto to Montreal tours,must-do activities for family with kids in Toronto

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Toronto’s vast outback is dotted with world-class telescopes,giving tourists an extraordinary window on nearby planets,stars,and galaxies.Join us with our Toronto to Montreal tours to discover the Toronto city deeply.

Must-do Activities for family with kids in Toronto:


Part of the charm of Toronto’s largest museum(six million artifacts and counting)is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously.Kids are a major focus with a bat cave,costume dress-up areas,and plenty of hands-on areas to keep the learning going.Most recently they released a selfie guide complete with instructions on making sure you get it right:“When attempting to take a selfie with a dinosaur please ensure the dinosaur is actually in the shot.”You won’t be able to miss the building from the street:It’s the one with the gigantic glass crystal that juts out over Bloor Street and the sky-high dinosaur skeleton in the window.


How do you change a city?You create a community of sustainability champions through pizza nights,school field trips,corporate sleepovers,farmers markets,and more.You also lead by example.

Toronto to Montreal tours,must-do activities for family with kids in Toronto

Once home to deteriorating heritage buildings and a massive clay quarry,the site of the former Don Valley Brickworks contributed bricks to some of the city’s most impressive historical buildings,including Casa Loma and Osgoode Hall,but once the usable clay was gone it began a downward slide to abandonment.The city of Toronto and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority(TRCA)began restoration efforts in the early nineties.A few years later Evergreen,a national not-for-profit led by urban environmentalist Geoff Cape,began plans to transform the abandoned buildings(which had become a popular site for raves and graffiti artists)into an urban environmental center.

Evergreen Brick Works officially opened in September 2010 and continues to be a vibrant social enterprise where city building ideas and strategies are imagined and tested by Evergreen's entrepreneurs and experts,who engage visitors of all ages through their year-round programs.(Evergreen also has an on-site restaurant,Cafe Belong,led by chef Brad Long of Food Network's Restaurant Makeover,and an urban bike shop,Sweet Pete's.)

Today,the ponds and meadows surrounding the recently accredited LEED Platinum-certified headquarters offer city dwellers an oasis to explore,including one of the best views of the iconic Toronto skyline.“Everyone thinks the best view of the city is from the waterfront,”says Terrence Eta.The founder of Toronto Bicycle Tours regularly leads tours of the area and the lush forestland below.“This is the skyline view that best represents what the city truly is.”