Top Tourist Attractions in Milan,Italy

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Oct 23, 2017
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This paper we talk about the top tourist attractions in Milan,Italy.Consider that St.Augustine was baptized in a basilica that stood at what is now Piazza del Duomo;artists Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci,the composer Verdi,the great tenor Enrico Caruso,and designer Giorgio Armani all lived and worked here;Toscanini conducted regularly at La Scala;Napoleon was crowned(actually,he crowned himself)inside the Duomo;Mussolini founded the Fascist party here,and the entire fashion world looks to Milan's catwalks twice a year for the season's fashions.Top tourist attractions in Milan as below:

Top Tourist Attractions in Milan

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II:Luxury Shops and Elegant Cafés

Forming one side of Piazza del Duomo and opening on the other side to Piazza della Scala,the grand Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II was designed by Giuseppe Mengoni and built between 1865 and 1877.It was then the largest shopping arcade in Europe,with a dome soaring 48 meters above its mosaic floor.Marking the beginning of modern architecture in Italy,today it stands as a splendid example of 19th-century industrial iron and glass construction.And it's still a beautiful,vibrant place where locals meet for lunch or coffee in its elegant cafés and browse in its luxury shops.It is so much a part of local life that the inhabitants of Milan refer to it as"il salotto"(the salon).

Address:Piazza del Duomo,Milan

Opera at Teatro alla Scala

Considered the most prestigious opera house in the world,La Scala has rung with the music of all the great operatic composers and singers,and its audiences-the theater seats 2,800 people-are known(and feared)as the most demanding in Italy.The season begins in early December and runs through May,but tickets are often difficult to come by.The best way of getting tickets is through your hotel concierge,but it's worth checking at the box office.In the same building is the Museo Teatrale alla Scala,where you'll find a collection of costumes from landmark performances and historical and personal mementos of the greats who performed and whose works were performed at La Scala,including Verdi,Rossini,and the great conductor Arturo Toscanini.If there is not a rehearsal in progress,the museum offers access to see the inside of the opera house itself,one of the world's grandest.

Address:Piazza della Scala,Milan