Top Things to Do in Lisbon for Families

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 7, 2017
  3. Europe
  4. Travel Tips

Portugal’s capital city,Lisbon,has much in common with other prominent European cities:neighborhoods full of charming alleyways and cafes,churches that showcase historic architecture and artwork,a convenient public transportation system,and a variety of museums to choose from on a rainy day.Here we talk about the top things to do in Lisbon for families.

Top Things to Do in Lisbon for Families

Of course,there are also the things that make Lisbon uniquely Portuguese—the colorful and detailed tile work found in museums and buildings across the city,the hills and viewpoints that they afford of the city and Tagus River below,the cable cars packed full of both tourists and commuters that carve their way through the city’s streets,and the nautically-themed mosaic stone sidewalks.

Explore the Neighborhoods

Lisbon is really a collection of small neighborhoods,each with its own character.I first arrived in the Chiado section of town,named for a famous Portuguese poet(as many of the squares in Lisbon are).The area is undergoing a massive renovation,with several buildings being revamped at oncec.It’s filled with cultural offerings like the Chiado Museum of Contemporary Art,and the Sao Carlos Theater,Lisbon’s opera house—a gorgeous,gilt-edged building that stages free Saturday morning concerts for children.