Top Romantic Tourist Attractions in Frankfurt

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 20, 2017
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One of the largest city in Germany,Frankfurt is an exciting weekend destination,home to beautiful parks,historic attractions,excellent museums and restaurants.Top romantic tourist attractions in Frankfurt:

Top Romantic Tourist Attractions in Frankfurt

Giersch Museum

The Giersch Museum is the perfect Frankfurt stop for art and culture buffs.The Giersch focuses specifically on local artistic works from the Rhine-Main region of Germany,limited in this way only.Its collection spans a number of genres but focuses heavily on the 19th-and 20th-century time periods.What makes this museum interesting is that of its four floors,only the ground level holds a permanent exhibition;all the other floors feature temporary displays.The Giersch Museum is housed in a beautiful neoclassical-style building,which was purchased from a family of wealthy entrepreneurs and can currently be rented out for events.

Goethe House

The Goethe House honors the life and times of famous German writer Johann Wolfgang Goethe.The Frankfurt home was Goethe’s birthplace and childhood residence,where he lived out his early years with his sister Cornelia.The four floors of this beautiful historic house are restored to look as they did in Goethe’s time,and each of the rooms is decorated in a uniform style to represent the fashion of the day.Many original artifacts are still located here,and portraits give visitors a sense of what Goethe’s family looked like.The history of Goethe’s Frankfurt years can be explored in an exhibit on the third floor.

Top Romantic Tourist Attractions in Frankfurt

Gude Pub Crawl Frankfurt

Gude Pub Crawl Frankfurt is an excellent introduction to nightlife in one of the most famous city neighborhoods in the world,the Central Station district of Frankfurt.This area has gone through many phases in its history,and today it is a diverse locale with a number of interesting bars,clubs,and cafés.During the pub crawl,a local guide takes the group to the best of the area around the central station,incorporating a mix of relaxed bars and high-energy nightclubs.Naturally,the crawl takes place in the evenings on the weekends and lasts as long as participants have the stamina to keep going.