Top Romantic Tourist Attractions in Barcelona

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Jul 28, 2017
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Barcelona is a cosmopolitan seaside city that is as dreamy as it is sunny.Situated in northern Spain along the Mediterranean,it's the ideal place to unwind on the white sands of Barceloneta Beach,or to stretch out in the grass and people-watch at Placa de Catalunya.Top romantic tourist attractions in Barcelona.

Top Tourist Attractions in Barcelona

Excursions Barcelona is an exceptional tour company featuring an international team of expert guides that take their guests on various trips throughout Catalonia,Barcelona,and Costa Brava.They offer a variety of tour packages,including kayaking and snorkeling in Costa Brava,bicycling throughout Barcelona,or sailing along the Mediterranean.They even offer a free walking tour in the Gothic Quarter,where they lead visitors through these narrow streets uncovering the more than 2,000 years of history that resides there.In addition to their predetermined packages,they also offer custom packages that let the guests invent a tour itinerary all their own.

Food Lover Tour

Food Lover Tour takes guests throughout Barcelona to enjoy Spanish culinary delights.Their tours feature everything from tapas by Michelin-starred chefs to paella at a football match.They feature seven custom tours tailored to every type of gastronomy lover out there.These include the Market Lover,Picoteo Lover,Tapas Lover,Gourmet Lover,Wine Lover,Football Lover,and Sweets Lover.Whether guests want to take a tapas bar crawl through historical bars and hidden bodegas,or indulge in delicious treats along the sweetest alleys in town while exploring the old city,they can find it here.

Top Tourist Attractions in Barcelona

Free Walking Tours Barcelona

Free Walking Tours Barcelona is an eco-friendly tourism group that utilizes social responsibility as a way to give back to their city while entertaining and educating visitors on their tours.This 2 to 2.5-hour tour can be delivered in three languages;Spanish,English,and Italian,and begins at Paca Catalunya.Guests will be guided throughout the Gothic Quarter,where they will be regaled with tales of its rich history,from stories of African invaders and Jewish traders to the kings,queens,and artists who shaped the city.These expert guides also give visitors the current inside scoop along the way,including where to eat,drink,and catch live music.