Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Berlin

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Berlin offers an eclectic mix of new and classic architecture,dynamic entertainment,shopping,and a wide variety of sports and cultural institutions.Top-rated tourist attractions in Berlin you may interested before the Berlin travel.

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Berlin

The Berlin Wall Memorial and Checkpoint Charlie

The history of the Berlin Wall began in 1961 when East Germany sealed off the eastern part of the city to stem the flood of refugees from east to west.By the time it was torn down in 1989,the four-meter-high wall extended 155 kilometers,dissected 55 streets,and possessed 293 observation towers and 57 bunkers.Today,only small stretches of this graffiti-covered travesty remain,including a 1.4-kilometer stretch preserved as part of the Berlin Wall Memorial,a chilling reminder of the animosity that once divided Europe.Highlights include the Marienfelde Refugee Center Museum with its exhibits relating to the one-and-a-half million people who passed through Berlin as refugees,the Monument in Memory of the Divided City and the Victims of Communist Tyranny,the Window of Remembrance,and a Visitor Center with views over the remains of the wall.Also of interest is Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie marking the best-known crossing point between East and West Berlin and with displays and artifacts tracing the history of human rights.

Address:Bernauer Straße 111,13355 Berlin

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Berlin

Charlottenburg Palace and Park

Berlin's oldest and largest Prussian estate,the late 17th-century Charlottenburg Palace was for decades the most important place of residence for German royalty.Beautifully restored,this huge palace boasts many important features,from its massive 50-meter-high central dome to the exquisite Orangery added in 1712.A highlight of the property's tour program is a visit to the New Wing with its State Apartments and fine Banqueting Halls.Built in 1746,it's here visitors get a glimpse of the splendor in which the Prussian Kings and Electors lived,from Frederick I's bedroom and study with their fine furnishings and paintings,to the apartments occupied by his successors.Highlights include the State Dining Room and the 42-meter-long Golden Gallery with its rich gilded stucco.Over in the Old Palace is the Porcelain Cabinet,home to one of Germany's most important porcelain collections,along with displays of valuable items including the Crown Jewels.Other highlights are the Palace Park dating from 1697 and home to the New Pavilion(Neue Pavilion)built in 1788 in the style of a Neapolitan villa,and the Belvedere Teahouse with its fine collection of Berlin porcelain.Be sure to visit the Mausoleum with its royal tombs,as well as the Grand Courtyard with its large statue of the Great Elector,Frederick William of Brandenburg.