Top-rated Brussels Attractions for Family Vacation

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 8, 2017
  3. Europe
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Unassuming Brussels is the capital of Belgium,Flanders and Europe.Medieval Grand-Place,is indeed grand,with many 17th-century buildings and daily flower markets.Here we talk about the top-rated Brussels attractions for family vacation.

Brussels Attractions

Royal Museum of Army and Military History

The museum houses around one hundred thousand items(weapons,uniforms,scale-models,documents),making it one of the world's largest military museums.You'll see:a section weapons and armours from the Middle Ages,a beautiful collection about Napoleon and the French Empire,the Belgian army from 1831 to 1914 with display cases devoted to King Leopold I and Leopold II,the development of weapon technology(up till the mid-twentieth century),the First and Second World Wars(uniforms,equipment,photos and documents),armoured vehicles and warships.The museum's"Air"section includes a complete range of aircrafts,around 80 of which are on display.Don't miss our educational games for all ages.The documentation centres are open to the public.Spectacular panorama overlooking the city from the arcade.Temporary exhibitions about varied subjects.

MIM-Musical Instruments Museum(MRAH)

As soon as it opened at the end of the 19th century,the luxurious Old England department store earned an excellent reputation for its highly distinctive building.The entrance to the building is a jewel of the Art Nouveau style,while the rest is in perfect harmony with the neoclassical ensemble on the Place Royale,and just around the corner from the Grand-Place and Central Station,no less!