Top Experiences in Prague,Fun Activities For Children In Prague

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 12, 2017
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We talk about the top experiences in Prague,fun activities for children in Prague in this paper.Prague's art galleries may not have the allure of the Louvre,but Bohemian art offers much to admire,from the glowing Gothic altarpieces in the Convent of St Agnes,to the luscious art nouveau of Alfons Mucha,and the magnificent collection of 20th-century surrealists,cubists and constructivists in the VeletržníPalác.There are many fun activities for children in Prague,for kids of all ages,and family friendly restaurants to eat in.Of course,children will also enjoy visiting the general sights and attractions too.For specific ideas,here is our Kid's Guide to Prague.

Prague tours

Family Friendly Restaurants in Prague

Many restaurants welcome children,but choosing the right one can make a difference.

Our guide to Family Friendly Restaurants shows the ones that families will feel comfortable in,including our favourite,Vytopna,which has a miniature railway running around it.

Smoking is banned in enclosed public places in the Czech Republic,including in restaurants.And while kids'menus are rare,waiters can suggest suitable dishes and may offer half portions of adult meals.

Prague River Cruises

Many of the famous sights in Prague border the river,so our river cruises are always popular with families.