Top experiences in Madrid,Most Famous Places In Madrid

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Oct 31, 2017
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Madrid’s sunny summers make it a magnet for travelers seeking a laid-back relaxing holiday,but the country’s capital and largest city is no place for lazing about.For the chance to pack the history and architecture of two incredible cities into a single full-day trip,consider traveling from Madrid to Avila and Segovia.All in one day,you will see everything from Roman aqueducts to Gothic cathedrals.Top experiences in Madrid,most famous places in Madrid as below:


Temple of Debod:An Ancient Egyptian Temple

In La Montaña Park(close to Plaza de España),visitors can see one of Madrid's most surprising monuments-an ancient Egyptian temple.A gift from Egypt,the Debod Temple was brought to Madrid in 1968.The temple was built for King Adikhalamani in the 2nd century BC and includes several shrines,a spacious hall,and a terrace on the upper level.Well-preserved original decorations are found inside,rare for an archaeological site.Peaceful gardens surrounding the monument feature reflective pools and a fountain,creating a magical effect.

Address:Paseo Pintor Rosales,Madrid

Museo Sorolla

This charming museum is dedicated to the work of Joaquín Sorolla,the most famous Spanish Impressionist artist.Displayed in beautiful bright rooms,the collection includes a broad representation of the artist's paintings and drawings.Be sure to see the museum's lovely patio adorned with a gurgling fountain and Andalusian-style decorative tile work.


Address:37 General Martínez Campos,Madrid

Puerta de Alcalá:A Grand Monument to the Spanish Monarchs

This grand Neoclassical triumphal arch was commissioned by King Carlos III to celebrate the arrival of the monarchs to Spain's capital city.The monument was designed by Francesco Sabatini and built between 1769 and 1778.Nearly 30 meters high,the elegant granite entrance gate makes a grand impression.The facade is adorned with sculptures,capitals,and decorative reliefs.

Address:Plaza de la Independencia,Madrid