Top Beaches in France

  1. By lisa
  2. On Nov 18, 2018
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France might be small, but it borders two major bodies of water: the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterannean Sea. These miles of beachfront property are filled with delightful small villages and larger, bustling cities.


Nord-Pas de Calais, English Channel

Most vacationers arrive in Calais or Dunkirk on the English Channel and head south, ignoring the sandy beaches nearby in favor of more-secluded destinations along the Opal Coast.

In Dunkirk, you can check out the beaches where the World War II shipwrecks of Operation Dynamo during the evacuation of allied soldiers in May 1940 lie half buried in the sand. Additionally, exploring Le Touquet-Paris Plage offers a number of non-beach attractions in case the weather isn't favorable for a day on the sand.


The Cote Fleurie, Normandy's Coastline

Normandy's long and varied coastline, along with its history, makes it a great destination for the summer holidays and easily accessible from either the United Kingdom or Paris. The Cote Fleurie includes smart Deauville and more laid-back Trouville followed by a long coastline stretching up westwards beyond Dieppe to Le Treport, two of the best known English Channel destinations in northern Europe.

Brittany, the Cote Sauvage, and the Pink Granite Coast

The second most popular beach destination for French holidays after the Mediterranean, Brittany has enough coastline to accommodate the influx of visitors each summer. With 1,243 miles (2,000 kilometers) of coastline, Brittany is in the northwesternmost portion of France, with beaches along both the English Canal and the Bay of Biscay.