Top Attractions in North France

  1. By John
  2. On Nov 4, 2018
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It’s a good time for bargains – on airfares, hotels and package deals in France. We talk about the information about the top attractions in North France here.

Top Attractions in North France

The west Atlantic coast in the great region of Aquitaine of France is less well known but it’s a wonderful part of the country. Beaches are long; and the surf around Biarritz is world famous. Islands dot the coastline offering peaceful vacations or a bit of island hopping and just inland is the best theme park in the world, the Puy du Fou which makes a great family day out (and you can stay there as well).

Aquitaine Region

Provence is a favorite destination for vacations. It stretches from the mountains down to the coast. It has great abbeys in peaceful settings, small hilltop towns to wander through, glorious countryside with river valleys and canyons and of course great food and wine.

Avignon in the Vaucluse, Provence

Stretching along the left back of the river Rhône, Avignon is regarded as the center of Provence where religion played a dramatic part and art flourished. Today it’s a beautiful, theatrical city with a lively arts scene and a famous annual Arts festival in July and August that recalls medieval pageants and uses the city’s splendid backdrop as its stage.

A walled city with ramparts still standing, Avignon is best known for the huge Palais des Papes, built by the schismatic popes who started with Clement V, moving their headquarters from Rome to Avignon. From 1309 to 1377 seven French popes held power here. The Palace is a vast fortress of two buildings with audience rooms, courtyards, a treasury, banqueting hall and bedchambers displaying the wealth, power and love of comfort of those long-dead spiritual leaders.

The other great sight is the Pont d'Avignon, or Pont St-Bénézet, which stretches out into the river but doesn’t reach the opposite bank.

There are museums for every taste, from the Museée du Petit Palais with a major collection of Italian paintings from the 13th to the 16th centuries to the decorative arts at the Musée Louis-Vouland; some great restaurants serving Provence cuisine, cafés with shaded outdoor terraces to pass the time of day and bars for a great night life.