Top 3 things to do in Rome,where to stay during your Rome Vacation

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 25, 2017
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Where to stay during your Rome Vacation?Top 3 things to do in Rome recommended.It may be a cliché,but there’s no better advice for visitors to the Eternal City than the old adage,“When in Rome,do as the Romans do.”This is where la dolce vita originated,after all.Of course,after more than 2,000 years in existence,there’s enough to explore to keep you busy for years,with decadent pasta and gelato to indulge in,places to shop for everything from handicrafts to haute couture,archeological sites,Baroque churches,villas-turned-museums,and enough art to overload your senses.Whether you’ve never visited Rome or return often,here are twenty-five things you absolutely must do.

things to do in Rome

Visit the Colosseum

The most internationally recognized symbol of Rome,the Colosseum has a long and bloody history.It was inaugurated in 80 A.D.with 100 days of games,including gladiatorial combats and animal fights.It was the largest amphitheater in the Roman Empire and is believed to have packed up to 50,000 people inside.Despite centuries of neglect—it was used as a quarry until the eighteenth century—it has remained intact(for the most part).

Today nearly 4 million people visit annually.Buy your tickets in advance or be prepared to wait in a very long line.A combined ticket for the Roman Forum,Colosseum,and Palatine Hill grants access to all three sites and lets you skip the line at the Colosseum.

Gaze at the Architectural Marvel That is the Pantheon

Though the name refers to a temple for all the gods,the Pantheon is actually the burial place of Rome’s kings and other prominent figures,including Raphael.The temple was built between 118 and 128 A.D.on the site of an older temple.