Top 3 restaurants in SF, San Francisco Sightseeing

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Jun 27, 2017
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We'd like to recommended top 3 restaurants in SF, San Francisco sightseeing and special foods don't miss. Your guide to San Francisco's best restaurants, with reviews and editors' picks. In a city rife with some of the country's top Chinese, French and Italian restaurants, how on earth can you choose San Francisco's best dining destinations? It can be difficult to highlight the city’s constantly changing culinary landscape while representing solid Cali classics (we're looking at you, La Taqueria).

San Francisco Sightseeing

But we were up for the challenge, and after doing some research we culled our list down to 25 of the very best. Consider this your San Francisco checklist of the top restaurants to visit, whether you’re a local or just stopping by for the weekend.

Atelier Crenn

Dominique Crenn opened this chic and natural oasis in an unexpected part of town, but it only adds to the feeling of calm once you step inside from the busy bar scene nearby. Her two Michelin star restaurant is in homage to her father, an artist, and her menu is delivered to guests in an envelope as a poem. Crenn’s highly personal menu unfolds with exquisite seafood, paying homage to the little jewels of the sea, and many of the following dishes are interactive and offer a bit of a tableside show.

Ingredients are clean and bright and alluring, and the dessert courses from Juan Contreras are unlike any you have had before (it’s like taking an edible nature walk). There is so much whimsy and beauty in a meal here, filling diners with delight (and their glasses with beautiful wines). Can't make it to Atelier Crenn? Crenn’s sister restaurant in Hayes Valley, Petit Crenn, is more casual, and offers an affordable prix-fixe menu.

San Francisco Sightseeing

State Bird Provisions

Michelin-starred State Bird Provisions has garnered such a cult following, it has foodie hackers trying to game the online reservation system. For those without a programming degree, getting there early (5:30pm) is your best bet for snagging one of the coveted spots—including seats at the chef's counter—that are set aside for walk-ins.

The menu is divided into Provisions, Pancakes and Commandables—the latter two served as à la carte items, such as the signature CA State Bird (crispy fried quail with pickled sautéed onions) and sourdough pancakes with sauerkraut, pecorino and ricotta. But the real fun comes with the Provisions—nightly dim sum–style rolling carts, where dish after dish of inventive small bites emerge from the kitchen, from duck liver mousse with almond cakes to smoked trout-avocado “chip & dip.”

Liholiho Yacht Club

Chef Ravi Kapur came up in San Francisco’s seminal Boulevard kitchen, but at his popular Lower Nob Hill restaurant, he’s cooking soul food inspired by his Hawaiian roots, with a NorCal ingredient-driven spin. Get your “ohana” (family) together and feast on an appealing menu full of flavor, like the tuna poke on nori chips and the beef tongue with kimchee in house-made poppy seed buns (and then there’s the off-the-menu house-made Spam).

The menu will keep you returning again and again, because it’s impossible to make your way through it in a couple visits. There’s a full bar (plus the reservations-only Louie’s Gen-Gen Room downstairs) and a smart wine list, and the space has a lively vibe with an open kitchen, exposed brick and ever-busy bar with walk-ins lingering and hoping to score a table.