To Visit France in the Winter

  1. By lisa
  2. On Nov 18, 2018
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France is wonderful any time of year, whether you hit the Christmas markets in winter, see the blossoming of spring, enjoy the beaches and festivals in summer or do some leaf-peeping in autumn. Find out when to go to France, including major events and a monthly calendar.


Reasons to Visit France in the Winter

Lower Airfare and Hotel Rates

Generally airfares are much lower during winter, with the exception of the Christmas holiday season in December when they are quite high.

In December you will find that airfares rise to normal levels, particularly the closer you get to December 25th, but in November, January, February and most of March there will be special prices on offer. The prices begin to rise again about a week before Easter.

Hotels also have great bargains so check them out for deals like three nights for the price of two, and special themed packages.


Charming Christmas Markets

Christmas markets sparkle with lights and fill the air with the scents of cloves, Provençal soaps, and spiced wine. Small wooden booths fill the streets with the sights and sounds of the Christmas season and are great places for finding gifts you can’t get anywhere else, often from local producers and artisans. The surrounding shops get in the mood as well with bright windows full of tempting items. There are often skating rinks attached to the markets, many with carousels and entertainment for children.

Christmas markets are set up all over France, and there are several in Paris, but the best known ones are in large cities in the north like Lille and Strasbourg. Small towns like Castres in the Tarn also have delightful markets.

Most markets open either at the end of November or beginning of December. Some close on Christmas Eve while others continue until the end of December.