Discover the vital information all visitors to London need to know: what to do and, especially, what not to do. Here we talk about the tips you need to know before visiting London as below. And you can begin your Stonehenge day trip from London by our tips on site.

Go contactless or order an Oyster

London isn’t the cheapest of cities, so it’s a good idea to watch the pennies where you can. You’ll save a small fortune on transport using a contactless card compared to a travelcard. Alternatively, you could preorder an Oyster card from the Transport for London website. It’s the cheapest way to pay for single journeys, as long as you remember to tap in and out on the yellow readers by the gates. (Forget and you’ll be charged the maximum fee.) Visitor Oyster cards are available from £15.

Stand on the right

Unless you want a queue of loudly tutting commuters to form behind you, you better stand on the right when travelling on escalators. If you’re planning to sprint all the way up or down, the left-hand side is all yours.

Tipping is often included

London doesn’t have a big tipping culture and much of the time a discretionary service charge will be added to your bill (read the receipt carefully). You can ask for it to be taken off if the service you received wasn’t good. If your bill doesn't include a service charge and your experience at the restaurant has left you happy and well-fed, having been attended to by a great waiter or waitress, leaving 12.5-15 percent is usually the standard.

Let Time Out be your guide

Nobody wants post-holiday FOMO. But it can be hard to know what to squeeze in if you’re short of time. That's where we come in. Time Out exists to help you get the best out of London, so read our website when your planning your trip, use our app while you're wandering around town and pick up the free magazine on a Tuesday at any tube, rail or overground station.