Europe is one of those destinations where you could easily spend $400 a night on a standard hotel room, or throw down $20 for a burger, and there’s no doubt that the expensive reputation of some European cities can be intimidating for first time visitors. It’s not always the cheapest getaway. Or you can find the cheap Europe tour package on the site in this season.

Tips to save money when travelling in Europe:

Consider Cheaper Cities

One of your big options in Europe is where to go; some countries are considerably cheaper than others, especially if you look at places which aren’t big tourist hubs. Greece and Turkey, for example, are far less expensive than destinations like Italy or France. Eastern Europe tends to offer far greater value for money than countries in the West.

And don’t fall into the trap of over packing your itinerary with too many destinations. It’s highly tempting – traveling between countries in Europe is so easy. But the faster you travel the more expensive it gets. Jamming too many destinations into your trip means more transport costs which is usually a traveler’s biggest expense.

That said, play around with your searches when booking, and consider if it will be cheaper to fly or train into a nearby city instead of your actual destination. You may be able to stop off in two cities for less than the cost of traveling to one. For instance, an airfare from London to Greece might be $1200. However an airfare to Istanbul might be $600, and then $150 to get from Istanbul to Greece. Also consider traveling to/from less mainstream airports – this can often save quite a lot.

Eating on a Budget

The best way to eating on a budget it to eat like a local. If you want to save money on food, hit up local grocery stores and markets for sandwich fixings and picnic across Europe rather than eating out in restaurants.

Breakfast across Europe is usually free with the price of a hotel or hostel room. For the super savvy traveler, packing a few Ziploc bags to save fruit and other snacks from the breakfast buffet can often see you through the day.