Tips & Guides for Berlin Sightseeing, Berlin Vacation

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 3, 2017
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What is going on in Berlin in 2017? Where to stay during the Berlin travel? If you're preparing a Berlin vacation, the tips & guides for Berlin sightseeing must be the right information you need.

Berlin Vacation


On Sundays, the park is turned into a huge open air flea market where artists sell their crafts, people sell their used stuff and a variety of food stalls cater for all the other needs. On all other days (the sunny ones, mind you) the park is crowded until the wee small hours of the morning, with the usual barbecue/drinking/guitar-playing people.

Apart from the flea market, there is outdoor karaoke. Yes - somebody once decided to carry a karaoke machine plus screen and speakers to the arena-like part of the park, and everybody who’s willing to pay 1 Euro for using it will be allowed to sing to a very supportive crowd.

Berlin Vacation


What used to be the hunting grounds for noblemen of the Holy Roman Empire was turned into a huge park in the 19th century (without losing any of its size). The Tiergarten is the green lung in the middle of the city and there's more than enough space for everyone. And yes: Most of former Westberlin is on its other side.

Apart from enjoying all that green, there’s a lot to discover at Tiergarten, like a path lined with gas lanterns from all over Europe; sculptures and monuments scattered throughout the park, and in the far western part you can look at animals in the Berlin zoo for free.


Formerly this iconic bridge marked the border between East and West and there was a time when it was closed to all civilians. The Cold War parties sometimes exchanged spies here. Today the bridge separates the districts of Kreuzberg and can be crossed by many means of transport (cars, metro, bike or walking).

Berlin counts 916 bridges (that's more than twice as much as Venice) and this is arguably the most beautiful one. It´s situated at a scenic spot of the river Spree and makes for taking perfect pictures to both sides of it.