Tips for Visiting Rome Pompeii Tours From Rome

  1. By John
  2. On Oct 15, 2018
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Rome wasn’t toured in a day. “Remember you cannot possibly do it all,” says reader neededaname. “Living there full time for about a year and a half is a more reasonable time frame.” You don’t have a year and a half, so before you take a trip, look through these tips and choose wisely. Or book the Pompeii tours from Rome to have a sightseeing is a good choose.

Travel tips from our visiters:

“If you like suits, make sure to check out some of the tailors in Rome, i was able to get a nice tailored suit for ~$130 USD and it looks way better than my $400 alfani suit.”—Exeros

“I’m a big cold brew coffee fan, and that’s something very not Italian. But a cafe misto is a close version: basically an iced espresso that’s slightly sweetened.”—MattJN*

“Always order ‘un quarto di rosso della casa,’ a quart carafe of red wine, with dinner. Make it the first thing that comes out of your mouth to the waiter after looking at the menu. It only costs about 5 euro, and it makes you totally accepted immediately.”—John Star

“There is a fairly large and distinguished community of young accomplished artists from around the world living in Rome. Make sure you check out the art; either at galleries, openings, parties and events. Meet and buy some art from a living artist.”—valley-of-the-uncanny-preserves

“Keep an eye on labor actions in Italy, nothing will ruin a vacation faster then finding out all modes of transportation are cancelled or overpacked.”—Maniac86

“If you are religious or just very interested in the history of the Vatican, You MUST do the Scavi tour. You visit the Tomb of Saint Peter and the Necropolis under the Basilica. Book well in advance. Doing this tour also lets you skip the line into Saint Peters, and during busy months that can save you hours.”—burnthis1313*

“If you’re there in the summer be sure to know what churches will require pants and shoulders to be covered. First time I went to the Vatican I was turned away for wearing shorts. I also saw a lot of tourists in tank tops turned away.”—Mr Pouty Pants*